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What's on Wendy's Mind?

Our theme this year will be

"52 in 22: Growing in Faith One Step at a Time."

One thing that has been clear over the past two years as we have been forced to simplify what we do as a congregation is how important it is to get down to the basics of our faith.  This year, we will focus more intentionally on what it means to be a follower of Jesus, how to study and apply scripture to our lives, the gifts of being a part of a faith community, the power of prayer, and the importance of outreach and evangelism as a way of growing the Kingdom of God. My prayer is that the entire congregation will be a part of this journey and make growing in faith a priority. 

We will begin by taking a look at the seven basics of belonging to a church, based on a book with a similar title, "7 Basics of Belonging: The Meaning of Church Membership," by Sam Rainer.  I encourage you to  purchase and read the book.  We will have some small group discussions based on the book in mid January. In February we will begin a "Read the Bible in a Year Challenge." The resource we will use is "The Bible Year: A Journey Through Scripture in 365 Days," by Magrey R. Devega. We will also have small groups that we will share this journey together both in-person and virtually. We will have sign ups and book orders for this in mid January. Keep a watch for that in weekly communications. 

Looking forward to journeying with you in 2022 with renewed energy towards growing in faith together.





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1. Special Offering for Neighbors In Need

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